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Empowering women, one pocket at a time

How do you pronounce Jayb?

Like babe but with a ‘j’ – JeIB. It’s not pronounced “jay-b” or “jaybee” because that wouldn’t mean anything to us. 

What does Jayb mean?

         Jayb means pocket in Urdu, the language spoken in Pakistan, where our CEO is originally from.

What does Jayb do?

Jayb empowers women by providing them with affordable, functional fashion that fits their needs as they enter the workforce and navigate their careers.

Our Mssion

Women face a “pocket problem.” Our blazers, dresses, jeans, slacks , jumpsuits, all lack functional pockets. Our world is divided into 3 forms of the pocket patriarchy: no pockets, fake pockets,  or impractical pockets. 

Jayb challenges this norm by putting pockets in women’s clothes. 

Affordability is key to Jayb's mission because no woman should have to pay an arm and a leg just to have her phone on her person as she walks into a board meeting. 


Our First Product

Jayb’s first product is the Jayb Jacket – a handmade blazer with 4 functional pockets: 2 on the outside and 2 on the inside (just like men’s blazers).  You can fit everything from your phone, to your mask and hand sanitizer in your Jayb Jacket. 

Our Production Process

Handmade to perfection

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Inside pockets for your convenience

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Inner linings you can show off

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